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Koh-i-Noor diamond ‘staying put’ in UK says Cameron

David Cameron has rejected calls for the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond, which has been part of the Crown Jewels for 150 years, to be returned to India. The diamond, which was mined ...

A movement is underway as everyday women forgo hair dyes and let their locks go gray.

Washing that gray right out of your hair (to borrow from the famous song) is no longer a mandatory part of getting older. So asserts a growing cadre of American ...

Why we should grow and eat more seaweed

It's one of the healthiest, most versatile 'weeds' around. Asian countries have enjoyed the benefits for centuries. So where is the market for homegrown UK seaweed? Was ever a group of ...

Jaffna Fort to be renoved

The Government has taken action to renovate the Jaffna Fort at a cost of Rs.104.5 million, under a grant received from the Netherlands. This comes under a programme launched by the ...

Climate change should be billed as a ‘health’ not ‘environmental’ disaster

Public may be more likely to accept responsibility for climate change and support mitigation action if they see it as a threat to human health, suggests research If the human health ...

Humans only have 200-300 years left on earth

Tom Levitt Former environment minister Michael Meacher on the place of humanity in the universe, intelligent design, the survival of the human race, Gaia theory and uncertainties over climate change Tom Levitt: ...

Julia Gillard, the new warlord of Oz

The rise to power of Australia’s first female prime minister led to hopes for political change. But early signs indicate that Gillard will do little more than protect vested big-business ...

Indigenous groups occupy Brazil hydro-electric plant

Indigenous protesters in the Brazilian Amazon have occupied the site of a hydro-electric plant they say has been built on an ancient burial ground. Some 300 protesters took over the power ...

Sri Lanka on track for record tea crop

COLOMBO — Sri Lanka, one of the world's biggest black tea exporters, produced nearly 30 percent more tea in the first half of the year and is on track for ...

Etisalat to invest $163 million in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO (Sri Lanka ): Abu Dhabi's Etisalat on Tuesday said it was investing 163 million dollars to expand its telecoms network in Sri Lanka's war-hit north and upgrade broadband services ...

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