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Theragatha Verses of the Elder Monks © 2005–2010

The Theragatha, the eighth book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, consists of 264 poems — 1,291 stanzas in all — in which the early monks (bhikkhus) recount ...

Five strategies of Biomimetic marketingsay

Green electricity, Organic Shampoo, Jaguar convertibles, Red Bull, Bio Beef, Alligator gardening tools, Camel cigarettes and Puma sneakers. Once you develop an eye for it, it is quite astonishing to ...

New Renewable Energy Ideas

Nations should focus on lowering the cost of clean energy, not raising the cost of fossil energy. The goal? Make clean energy cheap enough to become a viable ...

Humankind’s Primary Tool: Mobile Device

People everywhere are consuming more and more wireless bandwidth to manage a wider variety of tasks. Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will account for nearly 60 percent ...

Physics Breakthrough Reveals New Kind of Light

By Clara Moskowitz, This story originally appeared on Physicists have created a new kind of light by chilling photons into a blob state. Just like solids, liquids and gases, this ...

3 Teens Found Alive after 50 Days at Sea

Three teens who have been missing in the South Pacific for 50 days — and were already eulogized in a memorial service — have been found alive by ...

SPORTS BUZZ-‘A weekly round-up of sports action’

By   Placi Gomez The Asian Games - Guangzhou The largest ever Asian Games lowered its curtain in a festive closing Ceremony on Saturday night as host China swept to a record ...

John Kampfner: Wikileaks shows up our media for their docility at the feet of authority

Mr Assange is an unconventional figure, a man who lives in the shadows and enjoys doing so You should never shout "fire" in a crowded theatre. Once you have ...

Deceits, plots, insults: America laid bare

Diplomatic communiqués released by Wikileaks shine unprecedented light on the US and how it sees the world By Jerome Taylor, Cahal Milmo and David Usborne The doors to a previously hidden ...

US warns Wikileaks’ Assange on possible leak

The US has written to the founder of whistleblower site Wikileaks, Julian Assange, requesting him not to release a cache of diplomatic files. The release of classified state department ...

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