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At Melbourne restaurant Lentil As Anything (LAA) there are no prices. Patrons pay what they can afford, or what they think the food is worth 
– a concept intended to break down barriers in the community.

Five minutes with: Shanaka Fernando BY Claire Sweeney | Founded in 2000 by Sri Lankan-born Shanaka Fernando, the not-for-profit Lentil As Anything (LAA) restaurant has mushroomed to five, ...

All from the island of Sulloon

In 1796, the 1st Battalion of the Madras European Regiment of the English East India Company disembarked in Sri Lanka. It was part of the expeditionary force that ‘Johnny Company’ ...

Fabulous abode of a chieftain of wilderness

By Amal HEWAVISSENTI Without a shadow of doubt, Maduwanwala Walawwa is a wonderful place that reflects almost three centuries of admiration from all generations in Sri Lanka. The ...

Place of romance in poetry

Romance has always been one of the mainstays of poetry, and this is exemplified in all three Sri Lankan languages. By romance is generally meant feeling directed towards ...

Young Flamingos’ privacy preserved

by K.G.H. Munidasa The last time I had seen a really large flock of flamingoes was in 1975 at Malala, the largest fresh-water lagoon, just east of the Hambantota ...

The lost city of Yapahuwa

by Nilma DOLE The capital of ancient Sri Lanka, Yapahuwa has been long forgotten. One has only to take a look at a ten-rupee note and see a goggle-eyed ...

How safe is bottled water?

By Manjula FERNANDO Testing at the SLSI chemical laboratory Is 'bottled water' safer for consumption than pipe borne water? We need answers to ...

Delft Island -Jaffna Peninsula

(By Lankika De Livera, Pix by S. Srikumar) - And Varuni Inoka Jeevanthi Perera's Photos - Jaffna Peninsula-Delft Island Wild Delft Source-sundaytimes.lk/100919/Plus/plus_01.html Ponies, unique coral formations and Baobab trees are some of ...

Democracy is not something we can be given. It is something we must win

Speech at Cambridge University, 27 January 2011 On 27 January, I took part in a debate at the Cambridge Union Debating Society. The motion was “This House believes in the ...

Ko Lanka to establish handloom factory in North

By Surekha Galagoda The proprietor of Ko Lanka Pure Silk (Pvt) Ltd R.S. Balanathan is planning to set up a handloom factory in the ...

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