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People of righteousness ‘pursue campaign against Sri Lanka with missionary zeal’

The war crimes accusations levelled against the Sri Lankan government at the moment are driven by a complex coalition of forces. Though the principal engines are Tamil migrants in the ...

Living with Epilepsy

By Dr. Sharmila Samaranayake Epilepsy, a common disease in Sri Lanka, is a tendency to have ...

Seagrass meadows remain ‘forgotten’ in conservation debate

Every hour, an area of seagrass the size of two football pitches is lost. The rate of loss is equal to that occurring in tropical rainforests and on coral reefs ...

Behind the Brand: McDonald’s

by Peter Salisbury In the first of a major new series following on from the ground breaking Behind the Label, Peter Salisbury takes a look at one of the biggest brands ...

President John F.Kennedy with Dr.N.M. Perera, Sir Razik Fareed, and a delegation from Ceylon at the Oval Office in the White House in Washington.

Can you recognize any others? Is it Colvin R De Silva who is seated in front of JFK?

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly:the music

Ever wonder how they did the music for The Good, the Bad & the Ugly? It is so cool to see how it was made after all these years. Some ...

Anglophiles, Eurocentric arrogance and Reality

by J. B. Müller (This dissertation is written from almost 50 year’s of on-the-job experience in the print and electronic media and from first-hand knowledge of people and events and ...

Researchers identify protein that improves DNA repair under stress

Cells in the human body are constantly being exposed to stress from environmental chemicals or errors in routine cellular processes. While stress can cause damage, it can ...

Dignity in life, dignity in death

by Laurie Penny Theological dogma should not dictate policy when it comes to assisted suicide. It's not easy watching a man commit suicide on camera. The public uproar over the ...

Dante, a poet for all seasons

BY A N Wilson I remember one evening, a quarter of a century ago at New College, Oxford, sitting next to A J Ayer at dinner. I was the most junior ...

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