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Modern Dictatorships through the Mirror: Time for us to be Conscious

by J C Weliamuna In legal and political literature, the term ‘dictatorship’ includes authoritarianism and is synonymous with traditional terms such as absolutism, absolute governments, despotism ...

MAHAUSAKANDE- A Regenerating Tropical Rain Forest in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery on the 21st and 22nd of September and see for yourself  what has taken place within a short period of 10 ...

Black Hole Caught in Act of Swallowing Star

For the first time, a black hole has been caught in the act of tearing apart and swallowing a star that got too close. Scientists, who until now had witnessed only ...

Libya: From Dictatorship to Puppetship

The situation in Libya is still fluid, despite claims that the rebels have seized control of the capital Tripoli and that ...

Caste – Positives

(Sri Lanka Guardian) I respond to the article ‘Caste & Politics’ by Professor Robert Sidharthan Perinpanayagam, published in Sri Lanka Guardian. I enjoyed reading this article very much and ...

A Very Good Presentation on Prostate Cancer

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Fantastic Caricatures of Famous People!

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Colombo Stock Exchange

Weekly Report

Biden’s Visit to China Underscores America’s Decline

US Vice President Joe Biden’s four-day visit to China last week was centrally focussed on reassuring America’s largest creditor that, in the words of, “your money is safe with ...

The World’s Largest Pyramid Scheme

The United States managed to avert a default, and that is good news. But the partisan battle in Congress sent the stock market plunging, and the decision by ...

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