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What if Saturated Fat is Not the Problem?

A professor of biochemistry provides perspective. By Richard Feinman Here’s an idea to chew on: The carbs in your diet tell your body what to do with the fat you eat, so ...

The Lowdown on Low Carb Diets

Do they work? Are they safe? Here’s the latest. According to the alarming statistics, most Americans need to take off more than a few pounds. But for overweight people with diabetes, ...

The Case for Low Carb

By Jimmy Moore Although many nutritionists and doctors claim low-carb diets, such as South Beach and Atkins, are unhealthy, the fact remains that researchers are discovering some remarkable things about controlled-carb ...

How to Use GI and GL for Better Control

A little bit of knowledge and a pencil and paper are all you need to make use of these great tools. By Chris Sparling Learning how to use the glycemic index and ...

Healthfest to introduce healthy food

By Anuradha Kodagoda What is healthy living? Healthy living is about knowing the risks around us and carefully taking note to minimise encountering those risks that will cause harm to our ...

Red and yellow and pink and green… Artist creates street-level rainbows using water pump (but there’s no pot of gold at the end)

By SAM WEBB Daily Mail. These incredible images of a rainbow arching over a road in Cape Town may look like they've been created on a computer, but the spectacular phenomenon is 100% ...

Romance Of Personal And Political In Contemporary Art In Sri Lanka

By Dev N Pathak - Dr.Dev N Pathak Lecture delivered at the launch of the book, Artists Remember; Artists Narrate: Memory and Representation in Sri Lankan Visual Arts (Colombo Institute and Theertha, Colombo ...

Waveless, Eco-friendly Boat wins the ‘Ray Award’ 2012

Indresri Karunathilaka, inventor of a wave-less boat design that saves fuel and protects river banks, won the inaugural Ray Award for excellence in innovation and enterprise in Sri Lanka. An accountant ...

FAO blamed for spread of chronic kidney disease

Hansani Bandara reports Protesting farmers demand compensation for chemical fertiliser victims. View(s): Farmers from the North Central Province staged a protest in front of the Food and Agriculture Organisation office (FAO) in Bauddhaloka ...

How Things Fell Apart

By Chinua Achebe October 15, 2012 In an excerpt from his long-awaited memoir, the inventor of the post-colonial African novel in English discusses his origins as a writer and the seeds of ...

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