April 2013 Archive

Ghost Dances on the Great Plains

By Josh Garrett-Davis July 16, 2012 Before Wounded Knee, Native tribes following an apocalyptic prophet created a new dance that would, they hoped, rid the world of white people. Photographs by Michael Beach ...

The Limits of Communication

By Jodi Dean October 1, 2012 Political theorist Jodi Dean probes the contradictions and traps of nonstop information. Image courtesy of Noah Rabinowitz Networked information technologies have been the means through which people have ...

The Dark Side of Asperger’s

By Charli Devnet February 1, 2013 Adam Lanza may have had Asperger's, a condition our author lives with. Marginalizing him—whether he’s 'one of us' or not—only further compounds the tragedy. Image courtesy the ...

Indian court rejects Novartis patent

Denied claim to cancer drug Gleevec upholds access to cheaper generic medicines. 01 April 2013 Novartis says that the Indian court ruling will stifle the country's access to new medicines, but public-health ...

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