May 2014 Archive

6 Signs You Could Be a Highly Sensitive Person

By Lynn Stuart Parramore A little-understood inherited temperament could be impacting your life or someone you love in surprising ways. May 18, 2014  Psychologist Elaine Aron's research on a temperament category she describes as ...

On the wings of a slice of Eden

It’s a place that provides everything for butterflies--bedding, a nursery, food, and even girls says renowned lepidopterist Dr. Michael Van der Poorten as he takes Smriti Daniel on a guided ...

Deadly leptospirosis not spread exclusively by rats

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi New research on disease by local doctor gains international recognition Will Sri Lanka have to drop the ‘rat’ in rat fever (leptospirosis) following trailblazing research by a doctor, which ...



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