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KRISTIN OHLSON ·  Holistic dentists take a whole-person approach to dental care — and an integrated view of the mouth’s connection with the rest of the body. If the idea of a holistic ...

30 Uses for Coconut Oil

  The term “superfood” has been bandied about quite a bit recently. But if there is one food that truly deserves the moniker, it’s the mighty coconut. For decades, coconut oil was ...

Pink Floyd new album: Band unveil cover art for first new record in 20 years

Unknown 18-year-old Egyptian digital artist Ahmed Emad Eldin fills Storm Thorgerson's boots ADAM SHERWIN  From the iconic prism of The Dark Side of the Moon to Animals’ inflatable pig, the intentions behind Pink Floyd’s striking ...

Mr.Methane – The World’s Only Performing Flatulist

Mr Methane is a Performing Flatulist, or Petomane, he performs the Art of Controlled Anal Voicing employing the same technique as 19th Century French man Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane. ...

Is Gogol’s Diary of a Madman Coinciding With the Description of Schizophrenia?

There is always this element of concealed accusation in neurosis, the patient feeling as though he were deprived of his right-that is, of the center of attention – and wanting ...

Taiwan: The Bicycle Kingdom

By: Jens Gould Bicycle lanes, bike sharing stations, and helmet-clad commuters. Such sights are nothing new in European cities that have long set the bar high for public spending on cleaner and ...

China’s Yuan: Not Down for Long

By: Jens Erik Gould The question of whether the yuan could challenge the dollar as the world’s dominant reserve currency is not exactly a new one. China’s emergence as the world’s largest ...

Medicine’s new frontier

All Sri Lankans should have access to personalised treatment based on genetic testing says Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake It is not just preaching, but also practising what he preaches. “I have a ...

How Does a Wi-Fi Signal Work?

You zip into Starbucks looking for a latte and a Wi-Fi connection. Your MacBook does a little dance and connects so you can go online. But how does it actually ...

The World Flight Map

This handy and informative website can be a very useful tool. It lets you view, in real time, flights (registered flights, of course), from around the globe, and, when clicked, ...

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