November 2014 Archive

Keyboard Shortcuts that’ll Make Life Easier!

The computer has become a bigger and bigger part of our life, and most of us make daily use of it. When on the computer, there are many keyboard shortcuts ...

20 Stunning Ceilings from Various Mosques

Mosques aren't only sacred places of worship for Muslim people, they are also architectural masterpieces of amazement. Iran is home to some of the most magnificent ceiling designs of mosques ...

The World of Second Languages

We often see maps and explanations about which country speaks which language. English for England, Spanish for Spain and so forth. But more often than not, another language is spoken ...

Sri Lanka’a Offensive Commercials

By Gamini Dissanayake - An annual visitor to Sri Lanka over the past eight years, I have been watching how kids are ruthlessly exploited in over 70 percent of all advertising ...

A Light in India

--by David Bornstein, syndicated from, Nov 08, 2014 When we hear the word innovation, we often think of new technologies or silver bullet solutions — like hydrogen fuel cells or a cure ...



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