March 2015 Archive

Humble native rice shoots to fame

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi First time a Sri Lankan plant, ‘Goda Wee’ gets its genome determined by a local team of scientists in a local laboratory While the hybrids are much sought-after, it ...

Poop Is the Most Important Indicator of Your Health

Like it or not, our bowels are the ID cards of our bodies, charting our recent histories with terrifying accuracy. So, how do we ensure a healthy gut? By Anneli Rufus / AlterNet According to ...

Venturengine doing away with collateral for business funding

By Steve A. Morrell The traditional banking system has not found an alternative to collateral as a major condition for lending. Insistence by banks on movable or immovable property prior to ...

Ceyoka’s needle-free injections set to revolutionise vaccinations in Sri Lanka

Ceyoka Health, a subsidiary of Ceyoka (Pvt) Ltd, an arm of diversified conglomerate Nawaloka Holdings has for the first time introduced advanced needle-free technology in Sri Lanka, revolutionising the future ...

The Health Benefits of Different Sleeping Positions

We always hear about how many hours we need to sleep, that a sleep cycle is 1.5 hours and to time our sleep accordingly - But did you know that ...



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