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Fat girls do yoga too

‘I live in east London, which is much more diverse than EastEnders would have you believe – and yet the yoga studios are vanilla: yummy mummies with plenty of money,’ ...

Newly Discovered Health Benefits of Vitamin C

By Julius Goepp, MD Vitamin C is rapidly finding new applications in protecting against endothelial dysfunction, high blood pressure, and the blood vessel changes that precede heart disease.1-3 Additional research is discovering ...

More than 340 plants identified for snake bite treatment

By Ifham Nizam   More than 340 plants had been identified as antidotes to the bites of top five venomous and mildly venomous snakes in the country, a top scientist said. Speaking at ...

Anne Lamott on Grief, Grace, and Gratitude

"Grief, when it comes, is nothing like we expect it to be," Joan Didion wrote in her magnificent meditation on the subject. But oftentimes, grief doesn't exactly come – not with the single-mindedness and ...

100 Diagrams That Changed the World

by Maria Popova A visual history of human sensemaking, from cave paintings to the world wide web. Since the dawn of recorded history, we’ve been using visual depictions to map the Earth, order the heavens, make ...

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