Castro and Cuban Agriculture

“Use all science for a more sustainable development that does not contaminate the environment. Pay the ecological debt and not the external debt. Fight hunger

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These Butterflies Might Go Extinct Soon…

Butterflies have large, often brightly colored wings, and a conspicuous, fluttering flight. Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts, signifying

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Cuba’s Urban Farming Revolution: How to Create Self-Sufficient Cities

By Carey Clouse Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure emerged from punishing trade sanctions following the fall of the USSR but today provides an exemplary precedent that could be applied worldwide When Cuba found ...

Honeybees and the pesticide sting

Copyright: Dieter Telemans / Panos Speed read As key pollinators honeybees are considered important to the global food supply Pesticides found impairing the sense of smell and memory in honeybees Research links sudden decline ...

Lankan scientists’ innovation may slash import-bill of chemical fertilizer

by Sanath Nanayakkare   A group of scientists from the Institute of Fundamental Studies (IFS) have developed a bio-fertilizer which they say can replace up to 50% of chemical fertilizer usage in ...

Humble native rice shoots to fame

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi First time a Sri Lankan plant, ‘Goda Wee’ gets its genome determined by a local team of scientists in a local laboratory While the hybrids are much sought-after, it ...

How Green Is Europe?

By Vaclav SmilTuesday, September 30, 2014 A superficial look might indicate great achievements. Yet a closer view reveals how far European renewables have to go, and what irrational choices are made ...

Beautiful Woven Refugee Tents Get Their Power from the Sun

Award-winning architect and designer Abeer Seikaly has developed a practical yet elegant solution to the need for lightweight, mobile, and structurally sound shelters for disaster zones. The Canadian-Jordanian's Weaving a Home project not only provides ...

Owl of Minerva’s View: ISIS and Our Times

Families camp out at the Bajid Kandala refugee camp, near Iraq’s northernmost border crossing with Syria, Aug. 16, 2014. (Photo: Lynsey Addario / The New York Times) It is not pleasant ...

‘Biggest land animal’ ever? Huge 60-ton dino’s bones unearthed in Argentina

Scientists have discovered the remains of possibly the largest known creature that ever walked this Earth – a 26-meter long, 60-ton dinosaur. Dubbed Dreadnoughtus Schrani, the plant-eating monster is thought ...

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