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22 Interesting Uses for Baking Soda

Most of us have a box of baking soda just laying around, somewhere in the back of our refrigerators. You may want to take that

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12 Train Rides Everyone Should Take

Since the first steam-powered locomotive was displayed in 1804, trains have shaped the lives of humanity. By allowing people and freight to be carried along

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The Beautiful US Cars of the 40s and 50s

The classic American cars of the 40s and 50s will always have a place in the hall of fame of car manufacturing, and a place of honor on any shelf ...

Stunning Photos of Incredible Iceland

Iceland may be a small, thinly populated country (325,000 citizens). Visitors will find huge volcanoes, icy mountains, deep fjords and breathtaking, epic landscapes. Its northern beauty is bolstered by waterfalls, ...

12 New Uses for Plastic Bottles

Every time I look I have collected more plastic bottles. While I’m all for recycling, I’ve discovered that there are many other uses for plastic bottle and usually it doesn’t ...

8 Pressure Points That Reduce Stress

We all have our ways of dealing with stress. Some people escape to a sunny beach, some prefer a nice glass of wine, and some even do our best to ...

Fat girls do yoga too

‘I live in east London, which is much more diverse than EastEnders would have you believe – and yet the yoga studios are vanilla: yummy mummies with plenty of money,’ ...

The World Flight Map

This handy and informative website can be a very useful tool. It lets you view, in real time, flights (registered flights, of course), from around the globe, and, when clicked, ...

9 Weird But Effective Home Remedies!

Some of the following remedies might seem strange to you, but if you check them out for yourself, you'll find that there is sound logic behind them! Vodka vs Stinky Feet Wipe your feet ...

‘Freedom From Other People’s Definitions”: An Interview With Janet Mock

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 09:30By Maya Schenwar, Truthout | Interview Janet Mock (Photo: Courtesy of Erika Turner) Truthout readers like you made this story possible. Can you help sustain our work with a ...

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