Your Guide to Natural Remedies

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Stretch Marks
Do You Sufer From Those Embarrassing Stretch Marks? Here Are Some Remedies To Cover Them Up.
– Massage The Afected Area With Any Of These Oils: Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender Oil,
Almond Oil. Hese Oils Heal And Regenerate The Skin Covering Up The  Stretch Marks.
– Make A Paste Of Raw Sugar, Almond Oil And A Few Drops
Of Lemon Juice And Apply It On The Marks. Follow This
Process For A Month, The Marks Will Lighten Over Time.
– Aloe Vera: Rub Aloe Vera On The Afected Area And Wash
It With Warm Water Ater A Few Minutes. It Provides Mois-
Ture To The Skin  And Makes It Smooth.
– Rub Lemon Juice On The Marks And Wash It With Warm
Water Ater 10 Minutes.
– Apply Cocoa Butter Twice A Day On The Marks – Make A Paste Of Cocoa Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Beeswax And
Vitamin E Oil. Heat This Mixture And Apply It Regularly.
– Apply Egg Whites On The Area And Let It Dry. Once It Dries Up, Clean It With Warm Water.
-Make A Paste Of Aloe Vera And Jojoba And Apply It On The Area.

Are You Anaemic? Anaemia Is Characterized By A Decrease In The Hemoglobin Count And Is Usually Caused By
Iron Deiciency But Can Also Mean Lack Of Vitamin B12, B6, Folic Acid Or Copper. Here Are A Few Remedies To
Counter Anaemia.
– Eat An Iron Rich Diet. Green Leafy Vegetables, Liver, Beets, Dried Fruits, Brown Rice, Lentils, Molasses And Bread
Made Of Whole Grain Lour.
– Avoid Cofee, Tea And Other Antacids As They Reduce Iron
– Take An Epsom Salt Bath Or Soak Your Feet For 5-10
– Daily Consumption Of 3-4 Igs Is An Excellent Remedy.
– Make Sure You Eat A Proper Balanced Diet And Get All The
Nutrients Needed.
– Consumption Of Dandelion Leaf Extract Also Helps
Against Anemia.

Guard Your Spine …
How Safe Is Your Spine? Spine Health Is Absolutely Crucial To Your Overall Health Because It Directly Connects To
The Brain And Carries Signals From The Brain To Other Parts Of Your Body.
Here’s What You Can And Should Do To Take Care Of Your Backbone.
– Maintaining A Proper Posture Is Very Important. Make Sure To
Keep Your Shoulders, Neck And Back As Straight As Possible And Try
Keeping Your Head High.
– If You Have To Lit Something, Bend Your Knees And Squat If Possible
But Don’t Bend Down Directly. His Procedure Prevents Back Pain
And Strain.
– Stretch Your Back As Much As Possible.
– Get Some Proper Exercise. Try Doing Some Muscle Building
Exercises As More Muscles Help Keep The Spine In Place.
– Always Sleep On Your Back Or Side. Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach.
And Use Only One Pillow, Never More Than That.
– Get A Proper Nutritious Diet. Make Sure To Get Plenty Of Omega-3, Calcium, Vitamin D And Proteins.
Caring For Your Bones
Do You Know That Bones Are Constantly Being Broken Down And Built Up To Create New Bones And There Needs To
Be A Perfect Balance Between These Two Processes. If You Are Losing More Bone Than What Is Being Created, You
Will Be A Victim Of Osteoporosis. So, Here Are A Few Ways In Which You Can Strengthen Your Bones.
– Milk: All Dairy Products Are Rich In Calcium, Which Is Quintessential For Strong Bones. Also Make Sure To Get Vi-
Tamin D Along With Calcium As It Helps In The Better Absorption Of Calcium.
– Yogurt: His Is A Better Source Of Calcium Than Milk. Eat Yogurt Every Day.
– Fish Such As Salmon, Tuna, Sardines Have High Amounts Of Calcium In Them.
– For The Vegans, Spinach Is A Splendid Source Of Calcium. One Cup Of
Cooked Spinach Gives 25% Of Daily Calcium Requirement. Kale Also Provides
Calcium, Though Less Than Spinach.
– Eggs: Eat The Whole Egg As The Yolk Has Vitamin D.
– Soybeans, Almonds, Sesame Seeds And Paneer Are Good Sources Of Calcium.

Feeling Constipated? Here Are Some Tips.
– Drink Water Regularly And Don’t Wait Till Your Thirsty. Hirst Happens Only When The Body Is Already
– Add A Pinch Of Salt In Lemon Water And Drink Every Day.
– Eating A Slice Of Papaya The Irst Thing In The Morning Helps.
– Soak A Handful Of Raisins Overnight And Eat Them On Empty Stomach.
– Guavas, Igs, Oranges And Lax Seeds Are Full Of Iber And Should Be A Part Of Your Diet.
– Mix A Tbsp. Of Castor Oil In A Warm Glass Of Milk And Drink It Before You Go To Bed.
– Also Make Sure To Avoid Foods Made Of White Lour (Maida) And White Sugar.
– Get Regular Exercise Every Day.
– Cafeine Also Helps In Easy Bowel Movement But Make Sure To Not Overdo It Because Of Its Diuretic
5 Ways To Cleanse Your Colon
Build Up Of Toxins In The Colon Can Inhibit It From Functioning Properly. If The Toxins Are Not Removed, It Can
Cause Various Diseases Such As Heart Disease, Gall Bladder Stones, Skin Allergies And Liver Ailments. Here Is How
You Can Clean Your Colon.
– Eat Fresh Yogurt Regularly. He Good Bacteria Present In The Yogurt Ight The Bad Bacteria. It Is Also Rich In
Calcium, Which Protects The Cell Wall Of The Colon.
– Boil Water With Sea Salt In It. Drink This Mixture In The
Morning On Empty Stomach. Make Sure To Drink Lot Of
Water Throughout The Day.
– Keep Away From Processed Food. Drink Fresh Vegetable
Juice As It Helps In Bowel Movement.
– Add Lemon Juice, Salt And Honey In Warm Water And
Drink The Mixture. His Will Thin The Mucus In The Bowel.
– Adding Laxseed To The Diet Is A Great Way To Clean The
Colon As It Is Rich In Iber And Essential Fats.

Protecting Your Brain
6 Foods That Save You From Stroke
When The Brain Is Deprived Of Blood, It Starts Failing And That Is When You Are Struck By Stroke. But There Are A
Few Foods That Can Save You From Having A Stroke.
– Tomatoes: Tomatoes Contain An Anti-Oxidant Called Lycopene, Which
Helps Prevent Stroke. If You Have More Lycopene In Your Body, The
Chances Of Developing A Stroke Decrease Dramatically.
– Chocolate: Eating Chocolate Decreases The Risk Of Stroke.
– Consuming Whole Grains Helps A Lot Against Stroke.
– Low Fat Dairy Is Also Helpful In Reducing Stroke Risk As The Vitamin
D Present In The Milk Helps Regulate Blood Pressure.
– Food Rich In Magnesium Such As Beans, Lentils, Nuts And Green Vegetables Reduce The Chances Of Developing
– Eating Ish Every Week Cuts Down The Possibility Of A Stroke. He Omega-3s Present In The Ish Work Their Magic
To Prevent Stroke.
Protecting Your Heart
Avoid Foods That Are Not Good For Your Heart Health:
-MILK! What? Yes! A Lot Of Dairy Ater A Certain Age Is The
Enemy Of Your Heart. Skip Full Fat And Go For Skimmed Milk.
Never Skip Milk Completely  Though (You Need Calcium And
-Soda! Empty Calories And No Nutrition, Try Out Iced Tea Or
Fresh Fruit Juices Instead.
-Microwaved Popcorn. Delete The Trans Fats Here And
Replace With Airpopped Pop Corn.
-White Bread/Pizza/White Rice. Excess Of Reined
Carbohydrates Are Bad For Heart Health. Whole Grains Are
The Ideal Choice.

Good Cholesterol
Increase The Good Cholesterol.
Are Your Cholesterol Levels Shooting Up? Hen, It’s Time To Beat Cholesterol With Cholesterol. Our Body Contains
Both Good And Bad Cholesterol. Bad Cholesterol (LDL) Is What Causes You All Sorts Of Problems Whereas The Good
Cholesterol (HDL) Is What Helps Your Body.
So, Naturally It Is Good To Have More HDL Than LDL.
What’s More, Having More HDL Is Not Only Beneicial To The Heart But It Also Decreases The LDL Amounts. Here’s
How You Can Increase The Good Cholesterol.
– Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, Peanuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts And Whatever Other Nuts Are Out
There! All These Nuts Help Increase The HDL Levels.
– Seafood: Fish Like Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, And Halibut Are High In Omega-3 Fats. Hese Fats Are Much
Needed To Increase The HDL Levels.
– Olive Oil: Olive Oil Is Also A Rich Source Of Omega-3 Fat And Hence Increases HDL. However, Keep It In Limit
As It Is Also High In Calories.
– Avocado: If You Want A Good Heart, You Should Eat Avocado.
– Spike Up Your Iber Levels As These Help Increase HDL Levels. Oatmeals, Rice, Bran, Barley And Dried Peas
Are A Good Source.
– Last But Not The Least, Garlic, Orange Juice And Chocolate Also Help In Increasing Your HDL Level.
Bid Goodbye To Sleepless Nights With These Simple Tips:
-Rub A Few Drops Of Lavender Oil On Your Forehead And Temples
At Bedtime
-Give Sugary And Spicy Foods A Miss Ater Lunchtime
-Take Warm Milk Mixed With Almond Powder Before Bedtime
-Turn Of Your TV And Mobile Before Bedtime
-Avoid Stimulants Like Tea, Cofee, Chocolate And Alcohol
-Exercise Daily To Tune Up The Body Clock With Nature’s Rhythm

How To Control Your Under-Performing Thyroid Gland
A Lot Of People Sufer From Thyroid Problems, Which Occur When The Thyroid Gland Is Either Over Or Under
Hyroid Plays An Important Role In Controlling The Body’s
Temperature, Metabolism And Heartbeat.
Hypothyroidism Results In Lethargy, Weight Gain,
Constipation, Infertility, Dryness Of Hair And Skin To Name
A Few.
Here Are A Few Ways To Deal With It.
– Drinking Ginger Tea Is Beneicial For Hypothyroidism.
– Take Iodine Rich Food Such As Ish, White Onions, Potato
– Avoid Food Such As Cabbage, Caulilower, Turnip, Sweet
Potatoes, Peanuts, Spinach Etc.
– Increase Your Intake Of Food Rich In Vitamin B Complex And A.
– Practice Yoga. Sarwangasana Is The Best Posture For Thyroid. Ujjayi Pranayama Is Also Beneicial.
– Kanchanar Guggulu Is Highly Efective In Controlling Hypothyroidism.
– Use Of Coconut Oil Also Helps Improve Thyroid Metabolism.
Hiccups Occur Due To Disturbances In The Digestive Tract.
Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Stop Hiccups:
-If Hiccups Are Caused By Eating Spicy Food, Drink A Glass Of Water
-Put Your Inger In Your Ears To Block The Airway
-Hold Your Let Arm Up For Some Time To Stop Hiccups
-Disturb The Breathing Process By Holding Breath For Longer. Repeat This A Few Times.
-Gargling With Water Stops Hiccups In Some People
Try To Ind The Remedy That Works For You! If Hiccups Do Not Stop In An Hour, It Is A Sure Sign To Go To A Doctor.

Hair Care
Feed Your Hair – Worried Much About Your Hair Falling Down Like Snow In Winter? Don’t Worry. Here’s What
You Can Eat To Prevent Hair Loss.
– Start Munching On Carrots: Carrots Provide Beta-Carotene Which Makes The Hair Roots Stronger. It Helps The
Scalp Produce Oils, Which Keep It Healthy. A Healthy Scalp Provides Nourishment To The Roots, Strengthens The
Follicles And Stimulates Hair Growth.
– Food Rich In Silica Such As Baked Potatoes, Red & Green Peppers, Bean Sprouts Stimulate Blood Circulation In
The Scalp Leading To Reduction In Hair Loss.
– Spinach Is An Excellent Source Of Beta-Carotene Along With Folic Acid, Vitamins B, C And E, Iron, Magnesium,
Calcium And Potassium, All Of Which Help The Production Of Scalp Oil Leading To Stronger Hair Follicles.
More Hair Care Tips
Here Are Some More Tips On How You Can Control Hair Loss.
– Walnuts: He Omega 6 Fats, Protein, Zinc, Iron And Vitamins B1, B6 And B9 Present In Walnuts Work Against
Hair Loss. Not Only That, But Walnuts Also Help Build A Better Brain. But A Word Of Caution, Have Walnuts In
– Fish: According To A Study, Excess Of Testosterone Leads To Hair Loss. And Ish Provides The Kind Of Protein,
Which Is Less In Testosterone.
– Eggs: Eggs Being Rich In Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Iron, Zinc, Proteins And Vitamin B12 Help Reduce Hair Fall.
Eat Healthy, Keep Your Hair Healthy!

Here’s Why You Should Eat Ginger:
Ginger Is Not Sweet But It Deinitely Has Some Sweet Beneits And Here’s Why You Should Eat It.
– It Helps Prevent Colon Cancer.
– It Gives You Quick Relief Form Heart Burn.
– If You Sufer Much From Migraine, Go Get Some Ginger.
– It Provides Relief From Menstrual Cramps.
– It Reduces Pain And Inlammation.
– Be It Morning Sickness Or Motion Sickness, Ginger Has
The Solution For It.
– Ginger Helps Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy.
– Ginger Also Works Against Lu And Cold.
Discover The Amazing Beneits Of Ashwagandha Plant:
-It Rejuvenates The Body And Strengthens The Immune
-It Is Very Beneicial For Nursing Mothers As It Increases
-It Helps In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels And Keeps
Cholesterol In Check
-Its Oil Relieves Mental Stress And Induces Good Sleep
-Its Leaves Are Efective As Insect Repellent

Snake Gourd
Snake Gourd – The Many Beneits Of It!
Do You Know Of These Uses Of Snake Gourd?
– Snake Gourd Is High In Water Content And Helps
Cool Down The Body. It Is Also Low In Calories,
Which Makes It A Great Addition To Your Weight
Loss Menu.
– It Is Full Of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous,
Vitamin B Complex And Ibre. His Is Very Helpful
For Diabetics.
– He Juice Of Snake Gourd Leaf Helps Treat Irregular Heartbeat.
– An Infusion Made Of Snake Gourd Makes It An Efective Remedy For Jaundice.
– It Is Illed With Anti-Inlammatory And Antibiotic Properties.
– It Is Also Used As A Laxative.
More On Gourds
Let These Gourds Guard Your Life! Gourds Are Among The Most Ignored Yet The Healthiest Vegetables That Should
Be Included In Your Daily Diet. Hese Gourds Are Life Savers With Their Amazing Beneits. Here Are A Few Gourds
That You Should Seriously Consider.
– Bitter Gourd (Karela): His Gourd Is Not Everybody’s Favourite Because Of Its Bitter Taste But It Helps Purify The
Blood And Gives You A Glowing Skin. His Is The Best Medicine For Diabetes.
– Bottle Gourd: His Gourd Beneits You Just As A Bottle Of Water. It Helps Ight Urinary Problems And Weak
– Snake Gourd (Chichinda): If You Are Dieting, Your Dieting Is Incomplete Without This Gourd. He High Water
Content Of This Gourd Helps Your Body Stay Cool And What’s More – It Has Very Few Calories.
– Ridge Gourd: Rare Minerals And Nutrients Like Zinc, Magnesium, Thiamine And Ribolavin Are Found In This
– Ivy Gourd: His Gourd Is Very Important For Diabetics As It Helps Lower Their Sugar Levels.
– Pointed Gourd: His Gourd Is Good For Heart And Liver.

Coriander Is An Herb That Is Used By Many. Not Only Does It Look And Smell Good On Your Food, It Also Has
Many Health Beneits To Ofer.
– Coriander Helps You Digest Food Better. It Prevents Gas From Forming In The Stomach.
– It Lowers Blood Sugar By Stimulating Insulin Production.
– Coriander Is A Good Source Of Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamins A And C, Phyto-Nutrients
And Lavanoids.
– He Anti-Inlammatory Properties Of Coriander Help Against Arthritis.
– It Helps In Lowering The LDL Levels. It Also Helps Increase The HDL Level.
– Its Anti-Microbial And Anti-Septic Properties Ight Against All Sorts Of Infections And Ulcers. It Is Also
Useful In Healing Wounds.
– It Helps Regulate Menstrual Cycles Properly. It Is Also Great For Obese People As It Helps Reduce Fat Resulting In
Weight Loss.
– Coriander Prevents Involuntary Contraction Of Muscles And Hence As A Result There Are No Body Cramps.
– It Helps In The Proper Functioning Of The Liver And Helps Prevent Cancer
– It Also Prevents Nausea And Urinary Tract Infections.
More On Coriander
Discover Some More Health Beneits Of Fresh Coriander:
-It Helps In Digestion And Improves Cardiovascular Health
-It Helps In Removing Phlegm And Reduces Fever
-It Is Rich In Essential Oils, Vitamin C And 6 Types Of Acids Boost Your
-It Is Helpful In Relieving Heart Burn, Colitis And Gastric Formation
-It Helps In Lowering Cholesterol And Aids In Weight Loss
-Coriander Leaves Clubbed With Buttermilk, Cumin Powder, Pepper And Curry Leaves Is A Great Coolant In


Mint Mantra For Wellness! Mint Or Commonly Recognized ‘Pudina’ In Hindi, Is Very Efective For Curing
Common Ailments. Its Beneits Are:
-Gargling With Fresh Mint Juice Mixed With 1 Tablespoon Salt Will Take Care Of Hoarseness Of Voice.
-Applying Fresh Mint Juice Over Face Every Night Prevents Dryness Of Skin. It Also Cures Pimples, Insect Stings,
Eczema, Scabies And Contact Dermatitis.
-Take 3-4 Tablespoons Of Fresh Mint Juice Twice A Day I.E. Before Breakfast And Dinner. It Helps In Generating New
Blood Cells And Cures Anemia And Low Blood Pressure.
-Chewing 3-4 Mint Leaves Daily Prevents Bad Breath, Tooth Decay And Pyorrhea. It Also Makes The Gums Stronger.
-Drinking Fresh Mint Juice Mixed With 1 Tablespoon Each Of Honey And Lime Juice Cures Indigestion, Diarrhea,
Morning Sickness And Latulent Colic.
-To Prevent Bleeding Through Nose Or Mouth (Gums) Due To Excessive Heat In Body, Drink Fresh Mint Juice
(100ml) Mixed With Sugar 2-3 Times A Day.
Keep Sickness At Bay With The Bayleaf!
Bay Leaf Also Known As Tej-Patta Is Used In A Lot Of Cuisines And Is Also Present In The Famous ‘Garam Masala’.
Bayleaf Also Works Its Magic Outside The Kitchen.
– It Helps In Treating Diabetes, Migraine, Gastric Ulcers, Abdominal Pains, High Blood Pressure And Bacterial/
Fungal Infections.
– It Has Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inlammatory, Diuretic And Astringent Properties.
– Hey Are Also Rich In Vitamin C, A, B, Copper, Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Folic Acid, Selenium, Zinc
And Magnesium.
– Bay Leaf Juice Helps Promote Menstruation.
– Bay Leaf Oil Helps Against Paralysis, Muscle Pain, Arthritis And Lu.
– Bay Leaves Help Maintain Sugar Level In The Blood, Pulse Rate Of The Heart & Improve The Immune System Of
The Body.

Ashoka Bark
Ashoka Tree Has Immense Medicinal Beneits.
– A Decoction From The Bark Of Ashoka Relieves Piles And Internal
-It Is Very Beneicial In Treating Gynaecological Disorders In Women
-Methanol Extract From Ashoka Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis
-It Is Anti-Bacterial In Nature,Which Ights Infections And Insect Bites
-It Is A Good Blood Puriier
Spinach Has Very High Nutritional Value.
Its Top 5 Advantages Are:
-It Contains Lutein That Saves You From Cataract And Other Eye Diseases
-It Is A Rich Source Of Iron And Increases Haemoglobin Levels
-Being Anti Inlammatory In Nature, It Relieves Migraine, Arthritis, Osteoporosis And Asthma
-It Has Antioxidants That Help In Lowering Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure
-It Is Very Helpful In Losing Weight Due To Its High Ibre Content
Add Tangy Tomato To Your Cuisine For Its Amazing Beneits:
-Tomato Is Biologically A Fruit That Is Famous As A Vegetable As It Is Widely Used In Cooking
-Chromium Content In Tomato Controls Blood Sugar
-It Has Lycopene That Protects Your Skin Against Harmful Ultraviolet Rays
-Tomato Juice Mixed With Carrot Juice Increases Your Haemoglobin Levels
-Eating 2 Ripe Tomatoes In The Morning Helps You Lose Weight

Beetroot Can Boost Up Your Health Immensely.
Its Topmost Beneits Are:
-It Contains Nitrate, Which Increases Oxygen Supply In The Body And Boosts Up The Energy
-It Is A Mineield Of Iron That Increases Haemoglobin Level
-It Has A Lot Of Ibre That Regulates Bowel Movement And Relieves Constipation
-It Is Rich In Folic Acid That Is Good For Pregnant Women
-It Has Loads Of Calcium That Makes Bones And Teeth Stronger
Crunchy Radish Has Many Health Beneits For You:
-Radish Is Rich In Sodium Phosphorus, Chlorine, Magnesium And Vitamins A, B And C
-Gargling With Warm Juice Of Radish Mixed With A Pinch Of Rock Salt Relieves Pain And Swelling In The Throat
-Eating Raw Radish With Its Leaves Cures Constipation
-Radish Is Beneicial In Jaundice, Diabetes And Urinary Ailments
-It Lowers Cholesterol Levels And High Blood Pressure
Peas Are Extremely Rich In Proteins. Its Topmost Beneits Are:
-Eat Raw Green Peas To Cure Constipation
-Eat Peas Roasted In Ghee To Overcome Weakness And Build Up Your Stamina
-Put A Paste Of Crushed Peas To Relieve Burning Sensation On The Skin
-Use Peas With Garlic And Ginger To Get Relief In Gastric Ailment
-It Is Very Nutritious For Pregnant Women And Increases Lactation Ater Delivery

Discover The Excellent Health Beneits Of Caulilower:
-Regular Intake Of Caulilower Improves Eyesight
-Eat Raw Caulilower Ater Meals To Treat Ulcer
-Eat Caulilower Regularly To Detoxify Blood And Heal Skin Ailments
-Drink Juice Of Caulilower Regularly To Alleviate Pain In Joints
-Wash Leaves Of Caulilower With Warm Water, Dry Them With A
Cloth And Apply Them Over Burns And Wounds For Healing.
Add Corn To Your Platter For Its Charismatic Health Beneits:
– Corn Is Full Of Ibre That Prevents Constipation, Haemorrhoids And
Colon Cancer
– Corn Has Many Nutrients That Make The Bones Stronger And Boosts
Kidney Health
– Corn Is Rich In Vitamin B And Folic Acid That Increases Haemoglobin
-Corn Is A Bundle Of Antioxidants That Keep Your Skin Younger
-Corn Helps Lower The Bad Cholesterol And Enhances Heart Health
Spring Onions
Enjoy The Superb Beneits Of Scallions Or Spring Onions:
-Hey Have Loads Of Vitamin C, Calcium, Carotene, Potassium, Iron,
Protein And Ibre
-Hey Prevent Gastrointestinal Problems And Reduce Inlammation
-Hey Help With Digestion And Stimulate Perspiration
-Hey Enhance Blood Circulation In The Body
-Hey Lower The Blood Sugar Level And Reduce The LDL Cholesterol
-Hey Reduce The Risk Of Developing Colon Cancer

Sahjan Or Moringa Is An Excellent Way To Enjoy Splendid Health:
-It Helps In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels And Reduces High Blood Pressure
-It Relieves Gastric Ailment And Relieves Diarrhoea
-It Enhances The Immunity Level And Boosts Milk Production Ater Delivery
-It Increases The Haemoglobin Level And Acts As An Aphrodisiac
-It Relieves Constipation, Stomach Ulcers, Headache And Infections
Discover The Beneits Of Capsicum For Captivating Health:
-It Is Full Of Vitamin C That Enhances Your Immunity Levels
-It Prevents Respiratory Ailments Like Asthma And Wheezing
-It Contains Capsaicin That Treats And Prevents Cancer Cells
-It Boosts Your Metabolism By Lowering Triglycerides And Helps You Lose
-It Has Loads Of Antioxidants That Help In Treating Cataract, Heart Ailments And Osteoporosis
Add Leafy Lamb’s Quarters (Bathua In Hindi) To Your Diet.
Its Top 5 Amazing Beneits Are:
-It Is Rich In Vitamin A,B And C, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus
-Eat Lamb’s Quarters Regularly For A Few Days To Treat Constipation And Piles
-Wash Your Hair With Water Boiled With Leaves Of Lamb’s Quarters To
Remove Dryness And Lice From The Scalp
-Drink Half A Cup Of Juice Of Lamb’s Quarters With A Pinch Of Salt To Eliminate Worms In Your Tummy
-Apply A Paste Of Lamb’s Quarters On Burnt Skin To Relieve The Burning Sensation

Jatamansi Is A Perennial Herb. Discover Its Topmost Beneits:
-It Regularises Digestion And Prevents Constipation
-It Is Good Brain Tonic And Helps In Treating Mental Disorders
-It Reduces Restlessness And Enhances Calmness In The Mind
-It Boosts The Appetite And Relieves General Body Weakness
-Its Medicated Oil Is Beneicial For Silky And Healthy Hair
Lotus Stem
Discover The Beneits Of Nutritious Lotus Stem:
-It Contains Pyridoxine That Helps Enhance Your Mood And Relieves Nervousness, Tension And Headaches
-Drink Lotus Stem Juice And Carrot Juice Mixed In Equal Quantities
To Dissolve The Mucus In The Body And Relieve Bronchitis, Asthma,
Cold And Cough
-Its Juice Or Soup Builds Up Haemoglobin Level In The Body
Especially If Taken For 3 Days Continuously Ater Menstruation
-It Is A Great Source Of Dietary Ibre That Relieves Constipation And
Lowers Bad Cholesterol
-It Is Rich In B-Complex Vitamins That Lower The Risk Of Heart Attacks
And Increases Vitality
Sunflower Seeds
Add Sunlower Seeds In Your Salads, Yogurt, Rice And Dishes For Its Superb Health Beneits:
-Selenium Content In Sunlower Seeds Prevents Cancer
-Hey Are Full Of Copper And Magnesium That Keep Your Bones Healthy
-Sunlower Seeds Are Rich In Vitamin E That Keeps Your Skin Young And
-Hey Help In Protecting Against Heart Ailments, Asthma, Ulcers And
Joint Pain
-Hey Help In Soothing Your Nerves And Help You De-Stress And Relax

Potato Is Proitable For Your Health. Its Topmost Beneits Are:
-It Is Rich In Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc And Vitamin B Complex That Is Good For Your Skin
-It Is Loaded With Carotenoids That Keep Your Heart Healthy
-It Is Full Of Antioxidants That Repair Body Cells And Relieves Intestinal Inlammations
-Apply A Paste Of Mashed Raw Potato With 1 Tsp Honey On Your Face For Sot Skin
-Chew Raw Potato Slices To Ward Of Heartburn
-To Reduce Swelling, Apply A Paste Of Raw Potato On The Swollen Area
– Boiled Or Baked Potato Gives You Maximum Health Beneits
Add Turnip To Your Daily Diet For Terriic Health Beneits:
-It Contains Glucosinolates That Lowers The Risk Of Colon, Rectal
And Breast Cancer
-It Is Full Of Vitamin K And Folate, Which Prevent Heart Related
-It Is Rich In Calcium Content That Checks Osteoporosis And
Rheumatoid Arthritis
-It Boosts Appetite, Aids Digestion And Reduces Wheezing In
-It Enhances Immunity Levels And Its Juice Wards Of Body
Odour In Summer.
Pumpkin Has Amazing Beneits For Your Health:
-It Is Rich In Ibre That Promotes Probiotic Bacteria, Which Boosts Your Immunity
-It Has Low Glycemic Index And It Helps In Regulating Blood Sugar Levels
-It Has Loads Of Cucurbitacin Content That Prevents Arthritis And Lowers Cholesterol
-It Is Full Of Omega-3 Oils That Improve Your Heart Health
-It Is A Great Diet Food As It Is Very Low In Calories

Green Chillies
Include Green Chilli In Small Amounts To Your Daily Diet.
Discover Its Beneits:
-It Has Vitamin A That Keeps Your Skin Young And Improves Your Eyesight
–It Has Vitamin C That Enhances Immunity And Aids Digestion
-It Steps Up The Metabolism And Helps In Weight Loss
-It Is Rich In Capsaicin, Which Is An Anti Depressant And Improves Good Mood
-It Has Potassium That Keeps High Blood Pressure In Check
Hibiscus Is A Sweet And Cooling Herb.
Discover Its Beneits:
-It Is Very Efective For Treating Dandruf And Preventing
Hair Fall
-It Is Rich In Antioxidants And Reduces Cholesterol And High
Blood Pressure
-It Is Helpful In Treating Luid Retention And Stomach
-Hibiscus Tea Has A Cooling Efect And Makes You Sleep  Better
-It Is A Very Good Diuretic And A Gentle Laxative
Curry Leaves
Curry Leaves Form A Part Of Daily Cooking In Our Indian Homes. Its Top 5 Beneits Are:
-Take 1/4 Cup Juice Of Curry Leaves With Juice Of Half A Lemon And A Pinch Of Sugar To Treat Nausea
-Curry Leaves Reduce The Side Efects Of Chemotherapy
-Curry Leaves Help In Improving The Eyesight And Prevent Cataract
-Boil A Few Curry Leaves With Your Hair Oil And Apply It On The Scalp For Healthy Hair
-Curry Leaves Reduces Bad Cholesterol And Keeps High Blood Pressure In Check

Sem Ki Fali
Discover The Beneits Of Sem Ki Fali For Splendid Health Efects:
-Boil Whole Sem Ki Fali And Eat It With A Little Salt And Spices To Get Strength
-Its Regular Intake Provides A Lot Of Energy To Pregnant Women And Keeps
Them Active
-Apply A Paste Of Its Leaves In The Armpits To Ward Of Body Odour
-Apply The Juice Of Its Leaves On The Area Of Scorpion Bite To Neutralize The
Poisonous Efect
Discover The Fantastic Health Beneits Of Cubeb Or Kababchini:
-It Helps To Relieve Cough, Sore Throat And Oral Ailments
-It Is Used In The Aromatic Oils That Relieve Joint Pains And Arthritis
-It Is Used In Treating Dysentery, Leucorrhoea And Asthma
-It Is Useful In Treating Dyspepsia And Latulence
-It Acts As A Stimulant, Diuretic And Helps Singers Maintain A Clear Throat
Ginseng Also Known As Korean Ginseng Has Great Health Beneits:
-It Stimulates The Nervous System, Improves Your Mood And Alleviates
-It Enhances The Oxygenation Of The Cells In The Body And Relieves Fatigue
-It Reduces Bad Cholesterol And Keeps High Blood Pressure In Check
-It Boosts Your Metabolism And Enhances Your Immunity Against
-It Helps To Detoxify And Increases A Sense Of Well Being As Well As Stamina
Pregnant Or Lactating Women, Diabetics, Hypoglycemics And People Under Medication Should Consult With
A Physician Before Consuming Ginseng In Any Form.

Spirulina Is A Micro Algae That Is Full Of Nutrients To Keep You In Superb Health:
-Spirulina Has Ten Times More Beta Carotene Than Carrots, Which Is
Good For Your Vision And Eyes
-Spirulina Enhances Your Immunity Level And It Is Full Of Proteins That
Help Build Your Muscles
-Spirulina Is The Highest Vegetarian Source Of Vitamin B12 For Healthy
Tissues And Nerves
-Spirulina Reduces Cramps And Fatigue As It Oxygenates The Body Cells
With Its Chlorophyll Content
-Spirulina Improves Digestion, Lowers Bad Cholesterol, Protects You
Against Cancer And Relieves Insomnia
Discover The Beneits Of Bhringraj To Enhance Your Wellness:
-Bhringraj Prevents Ageing And Helps To Rejuvenate Bones, Teeth, Hair,
Sight And Memory
-Bhringraj Is The Best Herb For Treating Liver Ailments Like Cirrhosis
-Bhringraj Oil Makes Hair Black And Luxuriant And Also Reverses
-It Is A Good Tonic For The Mind And Helps You To Sleep Better
-Bhringraj Is Efective In Preventing Repeated Miscarriage And Also
Relieves Post Delivery Uterine Pain
Discover The Great Health Beneits Of Amaranth Leaves:
-Amaranth Leaves Are Rich In Potassium, Vitamin C, Protein And Folic Acid
-Juice From Amaranth Leaves Relieves Bronchitis And Other Respiratory Illnesses
-Amaranth Leaves Are Rich In Dietary Ibre And Roughage That Aids Digestion
-Juice From Amaranth Leaves Will Give You A Lot Of Essential Amino Acids And Proteins

-Amaranth Lowers The Risk Of Cancer And Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

If It’s Not Your Favourite Already, Here Are A Few Facts About Jack Fruit, Which Can Help You Change Your Mind.
– He Potassium Content In Jackfruit Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure And Subsequently Heart Attack And
– Vitamin C And E Present In Jackfruit Helps Strengthen The Immune System.
– It Protects Against Cancer As It Is Rich In
Phytonutrients, Which Contain Anti-Cancer And
Anti-Ageing Qualities.
– It Boosts Your Overall Energy Levels Due To The Pres-
Ence Of Glucose And Fructose. It Also
Has No Cholesterol In It.
– Copper Present In It Helps Maintain Normal Thyroid
And Increases Metabolic Rate.
– Iron Content Helps Against Anemia.
– Its Anti-Ulcer Properties Cure Ulcers And Also The
Iber Helps Prevent Constipation.
– Vitamin A In Jackfruit Helps Maintain A Clear Skin
And Good Eye Sight.
– It Is Also High In Calcium And Prevents Bone Loss.
More On Jackfruit
Add Jackfruit To Your Diet For Remarkable Health:
-It Is Rich In Vitamin C That Strengthens Your Immune System
-It Has A Lot Of Vitamin A That Gives You Good Eyesight And Clear Skin
-It Has Loads Of Iron Content That Boosts Your Haemoglobin
-It Is A Mineield Of Potassium That Lowers High Blood Pressure
-It Improves Digestion And Thyroid Functioning Due To High Ibre And Water Content

He Tasty Beneits Of Tasty Chickoo!
– He Presence Of Vitamin A In Chickoo Helps Keep The Eye Healthy And Improve Eye Sight.
– Chickoos Are Rich In Iber, Anti-Oxidants And Nutrients Because Of Which It Prevents Many Types Of Cancer. He
Iber Also Helps Prevent Constipation.
– Chickoos Are Full Of Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous And Help In
Strengthening The Bones.
– He Vitamin E And B Content In Chickoos Help Keep The Skin And
Hair Healthy. Vitamin B Also Helps Against Stress And Fatigue.
– Chickoos Are Rich In Tannins And Hence Reduce Any Inlammation
That May Be Present In The Body Such As Gastritis And Bowel Disorders.
– His Fruit Is Rich In Glucose And Acts As An Energy Booster.
– Chickoos Have A High Dose Of  Carbohydrates And Essential Nutrients,
Which Is Good For Pregnant Women
– A Decoction Made Of Boiling Chickoo In Water Can Help Against Piles, Dysentery And Diarrhoea.
– Its Diuretic Properties Help In Removing Waste From The Body.
Succulent Kiwi Has Immense Health Beneits:
-It Boosts Your Immune System And Increases The Absorption Of Iron
-It Is Full Of Phytonutrients That Repair DNA And Protect
Against Cancer
-It Is Loaded With Folic Acid That Enhances Red Blood Cells Dur-
Ing Pregnancy
-It Prevents Hardening Of Arteries And Enhances Cardiovascu-
Lar Health
-It Has A Lot Of Vitamin C That Keeps Your Hair, Teeth, Nails And
Skin Healthy

Custard Apple
Here Are Some Of The Beneits That Custard Apple Has To Ofer.
– He Vitamin A In Custard Apple Helps Keep The Skin And Hair Healthy.
– He Copper Content Helps Against Constipation.
– He High Magnesium Content In It Maintains Proper  Water Balance In The Body.
– It Also Removes Acids From The Joints Thereby Reducing The Symptoms Of Arthritis.
– It Also Protects The Heart.
– He Potassium Present In This Fruit Removes Lethargy And Makes You Feel Active.
– If You Want To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way, Eat Custard Apple.
– Dried And Grounded Custard Apple Helps Against Dysentery And Diarrhoea.
– He Leaves Of Custard Apple Work Well Against Cancer While The Bark Helps Against Toothache And Gum Pain.
More On Custard Apple
Delicious Custard Apple Has Immense Health Beneits For You:
-Custard Apple Is Full Of Vitamin A That Is Good
For Healthy Eyes And Hair
-It Has Loads Of Antioxidants That Help In Ighting
The Free Radicals
-It Is Rich In Magnesium Content That Relaxes The
Muscles And Prevents Heart Ailments
-It Is Beneicial In Treating Arthritis, Gout,
Anaemia, Indigestion And Nausea
-Its Skin Is Helpful In Maintaining Healthy Gums
And Teeth

Green Grapes
Juicy Grapes Are Great For Health. Discover Their Beneits:
-To Relieve Migraine, Drink The Juice From 100gm Grapes
Before Sunrise
-To Ease Teething In Toddlers, Give Them 2 Tsp Grape Juice
-Eating Grapes Daily Is Beneicial In Arthritis
-Grape Juice Is Very Useful In Treating Acidity, Indigestion
And Constipation
-It Also Increases Haemoglobin And Relieves Anxiety
Black Grapes
Pop A Handful Of Black Grapes Daily For Their Immense
-Eat Black Grapes Regularly To Enhance Your Concentration,
Reduce Migraine And Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
-Black Grapes Protect Against Damage To The Heart Muscles
And Help In Lowering LDL Cholesterol
-Hey Are Full Of Resveratrol That Protects You Against
Infections And Inlammations
-Lutein And Zeaxanthin In Black Grapes Keep Your Eyes
Healthy With A Good Vision
-Black Grapes Have Loads Of Vitamin C And E That Give You A
Smooth, Young And Glowing Skin
– It Is A Good Fruit For Diabetics As It Contains A Good Amount Of Iber Because Of Which It Reduces Sugar
Spikes. He Iber Also Helps In Proper Digestion.

He Guava Advantage! His Common, Inexpensive Tropical Fruit Is A Super Food Due To The Health Beneits It
– Guava Helps Build The Immune System As It Is Rich In Vitamin C. It Has 4 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges.
It Ights Infections, Cold, Cough And Lu.
– Lycopene Present In Guava Helps Ight Tumors. Also, Its
Anti-Oxidant Properties Ight Against Cancerous Cells.
– Guava Contains Potassium, Which Helps Maintain
Electrolyte Balance And Blood Pressure. It Also Reduces The
Risk Of Stroke And Heart Attack.
– Vitamin A In Guava Promotes Eye And Skin Health.
– Guava Also Helps In Promoting Thyroid Function As The
Copper In It Helps In Production Of Hormones.
– Guavas Are Rich In Vitamin B, Which Help Promote Blood Circulation, Which Increases Brain Function.
– Guava Also Helps In Fertility As It Supplies Folate To The Body.
Banana Is A Wholesome Fruit, Which Has Many Health Beneits:
-It Has Loads Of Potassium, Which Helps In Reducing High
Blood Pressure
-It Boosts The Secretion Of Serotonin That Has A Soothing
Efect On Nerves
-Eat A Ripe Banana With Curd And Sugar To Relieve Acidity
-Apply Banana Peels Over Cuts And Wounds For Faster
-Eat Unripe Boiled Banana To Relieve Constipation


Juicy Pineapple Is A Nutritious Tropical Fruit. Discover Its Beneits:
-It Has Lots Of Manganese That Strengthens Your Bones And Teeth
-It Prevents Macular Degeneration (Damage To The Retina) As It Contains Beta Carotene
-It Reduces Morning Sickness During Pregnancy
-It Aids Digestion Of Protein And Reduces Arthritis Pain
-It Quenches Excessive Thirst In Summers And Also Helps In Weight Loss
Avocado Is Extremely Advantageous For Your Health:
-Avocado Is Beneicial In Nephritis Or Kidney Ailments As It Has
Very Less Protein Content
-It Removes Putrefactions In The Intestines That Cause Bad Breath
And Coated Tongue
-Avocado Oil Is An Indispensable Part Of Moisturizers, Cleansers
And Anti-Ageing Creams
-Eat Avocado Along With Ripe Papaya To Relieve Hyperacidity,
Colitis And Duodenal Ulcer
-Avocado Oil Is Efective In Treating Psoriasis
Delicious Apricot Adds Richness To Your Health:
-It Is Full Of Iron Content That Improves Blood Low And Prevents Anaemia
-It Is Rich In Dietary Ibre That Enhances Digestion And Checks Constipation
-It Is A Storehouse Of Carotenoids And Vitamins A, C And E, Which Are Good For Your Eyesight
-It Reduces Bad Cholesterol And Keeps Your Heart Healthy
-It Is Loaded With Antioxidants That Stop Early Signs Of Ageing And Keep Your Skin Young

Juicy Orange Fruit Is A Rich Source Of Vitamin C. Its Top 5 Beneits Are:
-It Helps In Preventing Cancer Due To Its D-Limonene Content
-It Helps In Controlling High Blood Pressure
-Its Juice Is Good In Relieving Arthritis Pain
-Its Antioxidant Property Keeps The Skin Smooth And
-It Has Calcium, Which Is Good For Bones And Teeth
Sweet Lime
Enjoy The Superb Health Beneits Of Sweet Lime:
-Sweet Lime Adds Luster To Your Skin As It Is Rich In
Vitamin C
-A Glassful Of Sweet Lime Juice Daily Alleviates Fatigue
And Insomnia
-A Glass Of Sweet Lime Juice Daily Keeps Your Heart
Healthy And Reduces Cholesterol
-Sweet Lime Juice Is Very Beneicial During Pregnan-
Cy As It Is Full Of Calcium
-Add A Pinch Of Salt And 5-6 Drops Of Ginger Juice To
A Glass Of Sweet Lime Juice To Treat Cold
Add The Richness Of Plum To Your Health:
-It Is A Rich Source Of Dietary Ibre, Sorbitol And Isatin That Improve Your Digestion And Prevent Constipation
-It Is Full Of Iron And Potassium That Enhances Your Haemoglobin And Keeps Your Heart Healthy
-It Has Loads Of Antioxidants That Keep Your Immunity High And Keep You Looking Young
-It Is Illed With Vitamin A That Protects Your Retina From Harmful UV Rays And Improves Your Vision
-It Has A Lot Of Vitamin C That Protects Your Body From Inlammations And Infections

Cashews Are A Good Source Of Iron, Phosphorous, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phytochemicals,
Antioxidants And Protein And Ofer A Lot Of Health Beneits.
– Proanthocyanidins Present In Cashews Stop Tumors
From Growing Thereby Preventing Cancer.
– He Presence Of Copper Content Makes Them Ight
Free Radicals And Also Provides Healthy Hair And Skin.
– Here Is Less Fat In Cashews And Most Of It Is The Healthy
Form Which Keeps The Heart Healthy.
– Magnesium Present In Cashew Nuts Helps Make The
Bone Stronger And Lowers Blood Pressure.
– It Inhibits The Formation Of Gall Stones.
– Hey Are Dense In Energy And High In Dietary Iber. Hence They Are Ideal For Managing Weight Gain.
He Almond Advantage!
Did You Know That –
-Eating Almonds Soaked In Water Prevents
Cancer And Diabetes
-Almond Is Rich In Folic Acid, Which Prevents
Birth Defects And Constipation In Pregnancy
-Almond Milk (Made By Grinding Almonds In
Water) Is Helpful In Weight Loss
-Eating Almonds Daily Keeps The Skin Sot And Youthful As It Has Antioxidants
-Almonds Keep The Bad Cholesterol (LDL) In Check And Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Walnut Has Amazing Health Beneits.
Its Top 5 Beneits Are:
-It Is Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids Which Is Good For
Nervous System And Memory.
-Eating 3-4 Walnuts Daily Lowers The Chances Of Get-
Ting Breast Cancer In Women.
-It Is Very Beneicial In Eczema, Arthritis And Asthma.
-It Contains Lots Of Antioxidants, So It’s Very Good For Wrinkle Free Skin.
-It Helps You Sleep Better And Lose Weight As It Is A Great Source Of Ibre And Protein.
Peanuts Are A Healthy Food Choice.
Did You Know That:
-It Is Good For Heart Health As It Lowers The Bad Cholesterol (LDL) And Increases The Good Cholesterol (HDL)
-It Is A Rich Source Of Minerals Like Iron, Zinc, Magne-
Sium, Potassium, Manganese, Selenium And Calcium
-It Contains Niacin That Increases The Low Of Blood To
The Brain And Prevents Nerve Disorders And
Alzheimer’s Disease
-It Contains Amino Acids That Promote Growth And De-
-It Reduces The Chances Of Getting Stomach Cancer And
Fungal Infections

Water Chestnuts
Singhara Is The Common Name For Water Chestnut Or Paniphal.
Apart From Using Its Lour In Fasting, It Has Many More Beneits:
-It Is Cooling In Nature And Reduces Excessive Thirst
-It Is Beneicial In Jaundice (In Raw Or Juice Form) And Removes Bodily Toxins
-In Raw Form, It Is Rich In Ibre And Contains Very Few Calories
-It Contains Manganese And Iodine That Helps In Proper Functioning Of Thyroid Gland
-It Is Helpful In Insomnia, Fatigue And It Is A Good Appetiser

Black Pepper
Just A Pinch Of It Is All That Is Needed To Bring The Zing To Your Food. Black Pepper, Used In Many Parts Of The
World Has A Lot More To Add Than Just The Lavor.
– Black Pepper Helps Prevent Cancer Due To The Presence Of Piperine. It Also Contains Vitamin A, C, Lavonoids
And Anti- Oxidants Which Increase Its Anti-Cancerous Properties.
– Piperine In Black Pepper Also Makes It A Great Source That Aids In Digestion And Prevents Other Gastro Related
Diseases. It Stimulates The Production Of Hydrochloric Acid Which Takes Care Of Proper Digestion.
– Black Pepper Boosts The Metabolism. It Burns Excess Fat And Unwanted Calories, Making Itself An Important
Part Of Diet For Weight Loss.
– It Also Takes Care Of All Dental Problems And Gives Quick Relief From Toothaches. – Piperine Also
Acts As An Anti-Depressant And Stimulates The Nervous System.
– Black Pepper Also Helps Cure Vitiligo And Other Skin Related Disorders.
– It Provides Relief From Sinusitis And Nasal Congestion. It Also Acts As A Remedy For Cold And Cough.
– Its Anti-Bacterial Properties Also Heal Respiratory Problems.
– It Also Helps Get Rid Of Dandruf. Mix A Tbsp. Of Crushed Black Pepper In Curd And Apply It To Scalp. Rinse Ater
½ Hour. Wash With Shampoo The Next Day.
Sweet Reasons To Use Bitter Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana) For Fabulous Health:
-Hey Help To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels
-Hey Help To Prevent Colon Cancer By Binding
Themselves To Toxins
-Hey Are Full Of Amino Acids That Regulate Your Blood
Sugar Levels, Especially In Type II Diabetes
-Hey Enhance Digestion, Bowel Movements And Help
To Increase Lactation In Nursing Mothers
-Hey Are Highly Cooling For The Head And Induce Good


Cardamom Is The King Of Spices. Also Known As Elaichi, It Is The Favorite Of Many People In India.
He Health Beneits Ofered By It Are Many
– Regular Use Of Paste Made Of Cardamom Powder And Honey Gives Relief From Asthma And Whooping Cough.
– Black Cardamom Can Help Against Oral Disorders Such As Dental Infections, Gum Infections Etc. It Also Cures Bad
Breath, Mouth And Throat Ulcers.
– Cardamom Prevents Dangerous Blood Clots By Preventing Platelet Aggravation. It Also Detoxiies The Body By
Removing Toxins.
– It Also Acts As A Powerful Aphrodisiac And Helps With Erectile Dysfunction And Impotency.
– Cardamom Has Diuretic Properties And Helps Clean The Kidneys, Bladder And Urinary Tract.
– Consuming Cardamom On A Regular Basis Helps Those Sufering From Hypertension By Reducing Blood
– Cardamom Makes The Hair Roots Stronger Thereby Providing Beautiful And Strong Hair.
Asafoetida Also Known As Heeng Is A Cooking Ingredient Combined With Many Medicinal Properties. Here
Are A Few:
– He Anti-Inlammatory And Anti-Oxidant Properties Of Heeng Help Reduce Problems Related To Indigestion,
Intestinal Worms, Latulence, IBS Etc. It Also Acts As A Laxative.
– It Helps Diabetics By Lowering The Sugar Levels By Increasing The Production Of Insulin.
– It Helps Thin The Blood, Prevent Blood Clots, Reduce Blood Pressure And Remove Cholesterol.
– Heeng Helps Ight Migraines And Headaches.
– Heeng Is Helpful For Women Sufering With Issues Like Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Periods And Pain.
– It Also Acts As A Nerve Stimulant And Is Used In Ailments Like Hysteria, Paralysis, Convulsions And Syncope.
– Quick Use Of Heeng For Toothache: Mix ½ Tbsp. Heeng In 2 Tbsp Lime Juice And Heat It. Dab A Cotton Ball In This
And Place It On The Aching Tooth For Quick Relief.

His Good Looking Spice Is Not Only Famous For Its Lavor But Also For Its Health Beneits.
– Star Anise Helps Treat Digestive Problems And Keeps The Digestive System Functioning Well.
– Its Anti-Septic Properties Help It Cure Many Skin  Diseases And Wounds. It Is Also Used In Treating  Scabies
And Lice.
– It Increases Libido In Both Men And Women.
– Star Anise Helps Treat Asthma, Bronchitis And Dry Cough. It Also Boosts The Immune System And Gives Relief
From Rheumatism And Lower Back Pain.
– It Has Sedative Properties And Helps Get A Good Night’s Sleep.
– Shikimic Acid Present In Anise Helps Cure Inluenza.
Cumin Also Known As Jeera Is Indispensable In The Kitchen. Along With Its Lavor, It Also Ofers Many Health
– He Anti-Septic Property Of Cumin Helps Ight Cold And Lu. Drinking A Cup Of Water Boiled With Cumin Seeds,
Ginger, Basil Leaves And Honey Is Excellent For Quick Relief.
– Cumin Is Rich In Iron And Is Essential For Anemic Patients. Including Jeera In Everyday Meals Is A Good Way To
Obtain Iron.
– He Iber Content And Laxative Properties Make Cumin Ideal For Treating Piles.
– Cumin Also Helps Digestion And Controls Stomach Pain, Indigestion, Diarrhea And Nausea.
– Cumin Seeds Are Also Known To Have Anti-Carcinogenic Properties And Help Ight Cancer.
Rock Salt
Rock Salt Or ‘Saindhav Lavana’ Is A Natural Salt With Many Beneits.
Its Top 5 Beneits Are:
-It Is A Great Appetiser And Helps In Digestion
-It Is Rich In Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium And More Than 50 Minerals Which Make The Immune
System Stronger
-It Is Beneicial In Acidity And Sinusitis
-It Is Very Useful In Treating Asthma, Cold And Allergies
-Lamps Made Up Of Rock Salt Increase Oxygen Low In The Air And Are Useful In Stress Management

Mustard Is Found In 3 Varieties- Yellow, Black And White.
Here Are Beneits Of Yellow Mustard Seeds:
-Eat Yellow Mustard Seeds Regularly To Reduce Attacks Of  Migraine
-Hey Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis As They Contain Magnesium And
-Hey Contain Phytonutrients That Protect Against Gastrointestinal
-Yellow Mustard Seeds Boost The Metabolism Of The Body And Aid Digestion
-Put A Few Mustard Seeds In Your Tea For Treating Cough
5 Reasons Why You Should Add Jaggery To Your Food List:
-It Is A Healthy Substitute For Sugar (Except For People With
-It Has A Lot Of Iron Content So It Increases Haemoglobin Level
-Eating A Handful Of Jaggery Ater Meals Is Good For Digestion
-Having Milk Mixed With Jaggery Make Bones Stronger
-It Helps In Reducing Water Retention As It Contains Potassium
Flax Seeds
Add Flax Seeds To Your Diet For Fantastic Wellness:
-Flax Seeds Are Full Of Lignans That Provide Protection Against Breast
Cancer, Colon Cancer And Prostrate Cancer
-Flax Seeds Are A Great Source Of Soluble And Insoluble Ibre
-Flax Seeds Act As A Mild Laxative And Improve Digestion
-Flax Seeds Improve Heart Health As They Lower Your Bad Cholesterol
-Pregnant Women, Mothers Who Are Breast Feeding And People
With IBS Should Avoid Laxseeds And If You Are On Medication
Consult Your Doctor Before Consuming Lax Seeds

Discover The Beneits Of Rice For Magniicent Health:
-It Is Low In Sodium Content That Is Beneicial In High Blood Pressure
And Hypertension
-It Is A Rich Source Of Carbohydrates That Boosts Energy Levels
-It Also Stimulates Neuroprotective Enzymes In The Brain And Reduces
The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Diseas
-It Is Full Of Nutrients Like Niacin, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Ribolavin
And Thiamine
-It Prevents Chronic Constipation At It Contains Lots Of Insoluble Ibre
Brown Rice
Brown Rice Is A Good Choice Over White Rice To Enjoy Superior Health:
-It Is Loaded With Natural Oils That Help The Body Reduce Bad Cholesterol
-It Keeps Your Blood Sugar Stabilized As It Releases Sugar Very Slowly
-It Boosts Metabolism And Burns Fat As It Is Illing But Low In Calories
-It Is Very High In Ibre That Stabilizes Digestion And Regulates Bowel
-It Reduces The Chances Of Developing Cancer, Heart Disease And Rheu-
Matoid Arthritis
Oatmeal Is A Nutritious Choice For Breakfast.
Discover Its Health Beneits:
-It Contains A Plant Chemical Called Lignans That Prevents Heart
Ailments And Lowers Bad Cholesterol
-It Is A Rich Source Of Ibre That Keeps You From Feeling Hungry For A
Long Time
-It Is A Great Healthy Diet Food Choice As 1 Cup Of Oats Has Just 130
-It Is Full Of Beta-Gluten That Boosts Your Immunity Levels Against Infections Tremendously
-It Lowers The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes And Improves Bowel Movement

Moong Dal
Moong Dal Is Advantageous For Health.
Discover Its Beneits:
-It Is Helpful In Reducing High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure
-It Is Beneicial In Diabetes As It Controls Blood Sugar Levels
-It Is Rich In Protein And Ibre And Helps In Losing Excess Weight
-Apply A Paste Of Moong Dal Powder And Water To Remove Acne
-Apply A Paste Of Moong Dal Powder And Water To Relieve Burning Sensation
Arhar Dal
Discover The Topmost Beneits Of Arhar Dal:
-Apply A Paste Of Arhar Dal On The Afected Part Of The Body To
Reduce Swelling
-Chewing Leaves Of Arhar Plant With Rock Sugar Relieves Cough And
Cures Boils In The Mouth
-It Is Rich In Folic Acid That Prevents Brain And Spinal Birth Defects
In The Foetus
-It Is Full Of Dietary Ibre That Prevents Constipation And Aids Digestion
Black Urad Dal
Add Black Urad Dal To Your Diet For Fabulous Health Beneits:
-It Boosts Your Energy Levels, As It Is Full Of Iron Content
-It Acts As A Natural Aphrodisiac And Also Enhances Digestion
-It Lowers Your Bad Cholesterol And Boosts Heart Health
-It Is A Rich Source Of Plant Protein That Keeps Your Bones And
Muscles Healthy
-It Increases Your Hair Growth And Adds Sotness To Your Skin When
Applied As A Pack

Soybean Has Excellent Health Beneits To Keep You In Splendid Health:
-It Has Loads Of Plant Protein That Enhances Immunity And Overcomes
-It Contains Isolavone That Alleviates Menopausal Syndrome And
-It Is Full Of Antioxidants That Keep Your Skin Free From Wrinkles
-It Is Rich In Ibre Content, Calcium And Vitamin B12
-It Is Low In Fat, Reduces Bad Cholesterol And Lowers The Risk Of Heart Ailments
Discover The Beneits Of Wheat For Wonderful Wellness:
-It Is Full Of Magnesium That Prevents Heart Ailments And Controls Blood
-It Is Full Of Plant Lignans That Prevents Breast Cancer
-It Helps In Lowering Bad Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure
-Its Betaine Content Prevents Inlammations, Osteoporosis And
Alzheimer’s Disease
-It Is Rich In Insoluble Ibre And Lowers Triglycerides Or Fats In The Blood
Have Nutritious Muesli For Breakfast To Boost Your Health:
-Muesli Is Full Of Dietary Ibre That Keeps Your Tummy Full For A Long Time
-It Is Loaded With Vitamin B Complex Vitamins That Helps To Break Down Fat In The Body And Speeds Up Your
Metabolic Rate
-It Is Rich In Lignans, Antioxidants And Omega 3 Fatty Acids That Prevent Colon, Breast, Ovarian And Prostate Cancer
-Muesli Controls Blood Sugar Levels And Enhances Bowel Movement As It Is Full Of Roughage Content
-Its Nutritional Value Is So High That It Keeps You Energetic Throughout The Day And Improves Your Concentration

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil Is Extremely Beneicial For Health.Discover Its Topmost Uses:
-Massage Your Scalp With Warm Mustard Oil To Get Rid Of Stress
And Dandruf
-It Is Good For Cardiovascular Health As It Lowers Bad Cholesterol
In The Body
-Rub A Mixture Of 1tsp Mustard Oil And Camphor On Your Chest To
Relieve Cough And Cold
-Massage Your Body With Warm Mustard Oil To Improve Blood
Circulation And Hydrate Your Skin
Walnut Oil
Add Walnut Oil To Your Life To Experience Its Wonderful Beneits:
-It Is An Excellent Antioxidant And Helps You Ight Wrinkles By
External Application
-It Has Omega 3 Fatty Acids That Help Ight Cell Damage And
Prevents Hair Loss
-It Lowers The Cholesterol Levels In The Body And Enhances Heart
-It Is Helpful In Ighting Insomnia, Psoriasis And Dandruf
-It Helps You Lose Fat As It Keeps Your Tummy Full For A Long Time

Castor Oil
Castor Oil Is Very Beneicial For Hair Health:
-Massage Your Scalp With Castor Oil Regularly To Ight Hair Fall
-It Contains Omega 6 And 9 Fatty Acids And Ricinoleic Acid
That Boosts Hair Growth
-It Is Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial And Anti Fungal In Nature And
Prevents Scalp Infections
-Its Regular Use Makes The Hair Thicker, Shinier And Free From
Split Ends
-Apply Castor Oil To Condition Your Hair 15 Minutes Before
Using A Shampoo
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Is Extremely Beneicial For Our Skin And Health. 5 Top Advantages Of Olive Oil Are:
-Taking 1 Tsp Of Olive Oil At Bedtime Lubricates The Throat And Reduces Snoring.
-Applying A Few Drops Of Warmed Olive Oil
Alleviates Ear Ache, Reduces Ear Wax And Ringing In
The Ear (Due To Tinnitus).
-Olive Oil Contains Fatty Acids, Which Help In
Lowering Cholesterol Levels And High Blood Pressure.
-Consuming Olive Oil Regularly Lowers The Chances
Of Getting Colorectal Cancer As Well As Breast Cancer.
-Olive Oil Contains Vitamins A And E Which Keeps
Our Skin Sot, Smooth And Wrinkle Free. It Also
Protects Against Sun Damage.

Green Tea
Cheer Up Your Health With A Cup Of Green Tea!
-Drink Green Tea Twice A Day To Lose Weight As It Boosts Up Your
-It Helps In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels In Diabetics
-It Keeps Your Skin Wrinkle Free As It Has Loads Of Antioxidants
-It Has Polyphenol That Improves Brain Health And Prevents
Parkinson’s Disease
-It Boosts Up The Energy Levels And It Keeps Your Heart Healthy
Orange Tea
Discover The Amazing Beneits Of Orange Tea:
-It Helps To Clear Blocked Arteries And Reduces The Risk Of A
Heart Stroke
-It Has Loads Of Antioxidants That Prevent Cancer And Keep Your
Skin Glowing
-It Expands The Air Passage In The Body That Helps In Respiratory
Ailments Like Asthma
How To Make It?
Slice An Orange With Peels Into Thin Slices And Boil It With
Water On Medium Heat For 30 Minutes. Strain The Liquid And
Add Honey According To Your Taste. Your Cup Of Orange Tea Is

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea Is Golden In Colour And Has A Fruity Lavour.
Discover Its Health Beneits:
-Drink Chamomile Tea An Hour Before Bedtime To Enhance
Your Sleep
-Drink Chamomile Tea Regularly To Avoid Migraine
-Chamomile Tea Relieves Heartburn, Irritable Bowel
Syndrome And Menstrual Cramps
-Chamomile Tea Is Enriched With Antioxidants That Give You
A Young And Glowing Skin
-Used Chamomile Tea Bags Placed Under Your Eyes Reduce
Dark Circles And Puiness
White Tea
White Tea Comes From The Same Plant As Green Tea.
White Tea Leaves Are Picked Earlier Than Green Tea Leaves.
Discover Its Beneits:
-It Is Full Of Strong Antioxidants That Prevent Premature
Ageing And Keep Your Skin Glowing
-It Lowers High Blood Pressure And LDL Cholesterol And
Protects Against Heart Ailments And Strokes
-It Has A Lot Of Luoride That Keeps Your Teeth Strong And
Healthy And Stops Plaque Formation
-It Helps You Lose Weight By Boosting Your Metabolism And Delays The Onset Of Type 1 Diabetes
-It Strengthens Your Immune System And Increases Your Bone Density

Cranberry Juice
Delicious Cranberry Juice Has Tremendous Health Beneits For You:
-Drinking Cranberry Juice Regularly Prevents Persistent
Urinary Tract Infection In Women Especially During
-Cranberry Juice Helps In Ighting Infections And Relieves
Cold And Sore Throat
-Fresh Cranberry Juice Is Full Of Organic Acids That Help You
Shed Excess Weight
-Cranberry Juice Has Proanthocyanidine That Improves
Oral Health And Prevents Tooth Decay
-Cranberry Juice Protects Against Ailments Like Scurvy,
Peptic Ulcer, Kidney Stone Formation And Cancer
Tomato Juice
A Glassful Of Raw Tomato Juice Helps You Stay Healthy And Gorgeous:
-It Is Rich In Sulphur And Chlorine Content That Detoxiies
Your Kidneys And Liver
-It Contains Vitamin B6 That Breaks Down Homocystene
Compound That May Damage Your Heart
-It Is Beneicial In Regulating Bowel Movements And
Prevents Constipation
-It Is Abundant In Vitamin B3 That Lowers The Bad
Cholesterol Level
-It Helps In Weight Loss And Improves Your Vision

Wheatgrass Juice

Boost Your Health With Wheatgrass Juice.
It Works Best When Taken Fresh On An Empty Stomach:
-It Has 70% Chlorophyll That Increases Your Haemoglobin
-It Detoxiies Your Blood And Liver And Strengthens Your
Immunity Level -Its Alkaline Nature Is Efective In Treating
Peptic Ulcers, Colitis, Constipation And Diarrhoea
-It Relieves Itching When Applied On The Skin Especially In
-It Promotes Fertility And Enhances Your Energy Levels
-Gargling With Wheatgrass Juice Relieves Sore Throat And
Pomegranate Juice
Have Pomegranate Juice Daily To Boost Your Health:
-It Enhances Your Haemoglobin Level And Boosts Your Im-
Mune System
-It Prevents The Arteries From Blockage And Promotes
Blood Low To The Heart And Brain
-It Has A Lot Of Potassium That Prevents Leg Cramps During
-It Relieves The Symptoms Of Inlammation In The Bones
And Arthritis
-It Prevents Dark Spots, Keeps Your Skin Healthy And Free
From Wrinkles

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated With Water Especially In Winter:
-You Should Not Wait To Be Thirsty To Drink Water
-If You Have A Sticky Or Dry Mouth Or Dry Lips, It Is A Sign
Of Dehydration
-Dehydration Slows Down Your Blood Low And Lowers
Your Energy Levels
-Drink 8-12 Glasses Of Water Throughout The Day In Every
-Water, The Elixir Of Life, Cools, Cleanses And Energises You.
Top 5 Reasons Why Soups Are Healthy For You:
-Soups Curb Your Appetite And Check Intake Of Calories
-Soups Satiate Your Taste Buds And Sends Signals To Your
Brain That “Yes, I Have Been Eating”
-Soups Stimulate The Senses And Gives You Pleasure Plus
Good Health
-Soups Save Money As It Is Inexpensive And Adds Protein,
Vitamins, Minerals And Ibre To Your Diet
-You May Throw In Your Favourite Herbs, Spices And Salt-
Free Seasoning To Your Soups


5 Amazing Reasons To Take Up Yoga:
-Yoga Brings About A Balance In Your Physical, Mental
And Emotional Health
-Yoga Keeps Your Body Lexible And Helps You Lose Weight
-Yoga Helps To Detoxify The Body, Improves Immunity
And Relieves Stress In The Mind
-Yoga Rejuvenates You, Keeps You Energetic And Calm
Throughout The Day
-Yoga Helps You To Enjoy Better Relationships, Increases
Your Awareness And Enhances Your Intuition
Practise Vajrasana For 10-15 Minutes Ater Meals To Boost Up Your Digestion:
Steps To Do It:
-Fold Your Right Leg At The Knee And Place The Foot Under
The Right Buttock
-Fold Your Let Leg At The Knee And Place The Foot Under
The Let Buttock
-Sit On The Pit Formed By The Parted Heels, Keeping Your
Spine Erect
–Place Both The Palms On The Respective Thighs
Vajrasana Is Also Beneicial In Relieving Back Pain And It
Strengthens The Pelvic Muscles

Chinmudra Pranayama
Relax Yourself In 2 Minutes :
It Opens The Lower Lobes Of The Lungs And Re-
Laxes The Mind And Body.
-Sit In Sukhasana (Cross Legged) Comfortably.
Keep Your Spine Erect.
-Touch The Tip Of Index Inger With The Tip Of
The Thumb In Both Hands.
-Keep The Rest Of The Three Ingers Together And Straight.
-Place The Hands On Your Knees.
-Take Long And Deep Breaths Slowly For 2 Minutes And Relax.
Chinmaya Mudra Pranayama
Relax Yourself In 2 Minutes With Chinmaya Mudra:
-Sit In Sukhasana (Cross Legged Position) On A Lat Surface
-Keep Your Spine Erect And Close Your Eyes
-Touch The Tip Of The Thumb With The Tip Of The Index Inger
In Both Hands
-Fold The Rest Of The Three Ingers Inward To Touch The Palm
In Both Hands
-Breathe Deeply For Next 2 Minutes Slowly And Relax With
Each Exhalation
It Opens Up The Middle Lobes Of Your Lungs And Aids
Absorption Of Food In The Body

Dhanurasana Or The Bow Pose Relieves The Pressure On Your Spine And Back Muscles And Tones Them. It
Relieves Menstrual Discomfort And Constipation.
Steps To Do Dhanurasana:
-Lie Down On Your Tummy On A Mat With Your Feet Apart And
Arms By Your Side
-Fold Your Knees And Grab Your Ankles
-While Inhaling Lit Your Chest Of The Loor And Pull Your Legs
-Keep Your Body Taut As A Bow And Keep Breathing Deeply
-Ater 15 Seconds Exhale And Bring Your Chest And Legs Slowly
To The Loor And Relax
Padmasana Or The Lotus Posture Helps In Improving
Concentration, Prevents Abdominal Aliments And Brings
Peace To The Mind.
Steps To Do Padmasana:
-Sit On The Loor On A Mat, Stretch Your Legs In Front Of You And
Keep Your Spine Straight
-Fold Your Right Leg And Place Your Right Heel On Your Let Thigh
-Fold Your Let Leg And Place Your Let Heel On Your Right Thigh
-Place Your Hands On Your Respective Knees With Palms Facing
The Ceiling
-You Are Now Sitting In Padmasana, Which Is The Best Position
For Meditating Or Doing Pranayamas
If You Are Not Able To Sit In Padmasana For Long, You Can Also Sit In Ardh Padmasana With Any One Heel Placed
On The Opposite Thigh


Discover The Incredible Beneits Of Pranayama:
-It Enhances The Oxygenation Of Body Cells And Lushes Out
-It Increases Lung Capacity And Strengthens Your Lungs
-It Enhances Heart Health And Boosts Immunity Levels
-It Helps You To Relax And De-Stress Yourself And Steps Up Your
-It Helps In Blood Puriication And Improves The Blood Low In
The Body
Brahmari Pranayama
Improve Your Concentration, Lower Your High Blood Pressure And Rejuvenate Yourself With Bhramari
Steps To Do It:
-Sit In A Cross-Legged Position On A Lat Surface On A Mat
And Plug Your Ears With Both The Thumbs And Place The
Index Ingers Over The Eyebrows
-Place The Middle Ingers On Your Eyes, Ring Ingers At
The Base Of Your Nostrils And Rest Your Little Ingers On
Your Cheeks
-Inhale With Both The Nostrils, Exhale Slowly And Start
Making A Humming Sound Like A Bee
-Keep Breathing And Humming For The Next 2-3
-Slowly Relax, Take Your Hands Down And Keep Your
Eyes Closed For 5 Minutes
-Feel The Energy Lowing In Your Body And Open Your Eyes With A Smile!

Aadi Mudra
Aadi Mudra Helps In Balancing The Sense Organs And Calms Down The Nervous System:
Steps To Do It:
-Sit In Sukh Asana (Cross-Legged Posture) On A Lat Surface
Keeping Your Spine Erect
–Place Your Palms (Facing The Ceiling) On Your Knees
-Put Your Thumb At The Base Of Your Little Inger On Both
-Wrap The Thumb With The Ingers Lightly
-Take Long And Deep Breaths For 3-5 Minutes To Balance
And Calm Your Nervous System
He Oxygen Low To The Lungs, Throat And Head Area
Increases With The Use Of Aadi Mudra.
Ek Pada Pranam Asana
Ek Pada Pranam Asana (Greetings On One Leg Pose) Improves Your Concentration, Enhances Your
Body Balance As Well As Self Conidence.
Steps To Do It:
-Stand Straight With Legs Together And Relax Your Body
-Breathe Normally And Slowly Transfer The Body Weight
Onto The Leg
-Bend The Right Knee And Place The Sole Of The Right Foot
On The Inside Of The Let Thigh
-Join Your Palms In Front Of Your Chest And Concentrate
On Your Breath While Holding The Pose
-Slowly Come To The Starting Position And Repeat This
Exercise With The Other Leg


Step Up Your Health With Daily Walks.
He Topmost Beneits Of Walking Are:
-It Improves Your Muscular Strength And Builds Your Stamina
-It Strengthens Your Heart And Lowers High Blood Pressure
-It Is A Great Stress Buster And Promotes Mental Well Being
-It Decreases The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Colon And Breast
-It Is Safer For Your Knees And Joints As Compared To Running
Foot Reflexology
Foot Relexology Treatment Is A Great Way To De-Stress And
Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body:
-Your Hands And Feet Have Zones And Relex Areas That
Correspond To Your Body Organs And Glands
-Pressure Is Applied With Hands And Ingers On Relex Areas On
The Feet To Enhance The Low Of Energy
-Foot Relexology Is A Great Stress Buster And Makes Your
Body Organs Function Well
-It Relaxes Your Body And Relieves Tension By Improving Your
Blood Circulation
Discover The Health Beneits Of Smiling Many Times In A
-A Smile Relieves Stress And Boosts Your Immunity
-A Smile Releases Hormones Like Endorphins And Serotonin
That Make You Feel Good
-A Smile Lowers Your Blood Pressure And Increases Positive
-A Smile Changes Your Mood And Makes You Attractive

Colour Therapy

Feeling Blue? Use Colour Therapy To Uplit Your Spirits!
Colour Therapy Or Chromotherapy Uses The Positive Vibrations
Of Colours To Balance Chakras Or The Energy Centres In Our Body
-Colours Are Energy At Various Wavelengths And Afect Us In
Diferent Ways
-Colour Therapy Balances The Physical, Mental, Emotional And
Spiritual States Of A Person
-Ancient Traditional Ayurveda Airms The Healing Power Of
Pet Therapy
Own A Pet To Stay In Good Shape And Great Spirits:
-Stroking Your Pet Releases Stress Busting Hormones That Keep You Relaxed
-Walking And Playing With Your Pet Keeps You Active And Controls Your Weight And High Blood Pressure
-Pets Provide Unconditional Love That Enhances Your Mood And Helps You Ight Loneliness Blues
-Pets Are Helpful For Autistic Children As They Can Easily Relate To Pets As Compared To People

Healthy Recipes
Bari Recipe
It Is Good For Eyes And Brain Health And Increases Haemoglobin.
Grind Seedless Dates (250 Gm) And Igs (250 Gm)
Together. Finely Grate Almonds (50 Gm) And Walnuts
(50 Gm).
Heat A Pan And Add Ghee (100gm), Dates, Igs, Nutmeg
Powder (1/4tsp) And Cardamom Powder (1tsp).
Cook On Medium Heat For A Few Minutes And Add
Almonds And Walnuts To It.
Allow The Mixture To Cool On A Greased Plate.
Cut Into Diamond Shaped Pieces And Serve.
Baked Chips
Everyone Loves To Munch Crunchy Potato Chips. Discover The
Other Yummy And Healthy Alternatives:
-Apple Chips: Bake Thin Slices Of Apple. You Can Preserve Them
For Some Time If Stored In An Airtight Container.
-Turnip Chips: Bake Slices Of Turnip And Add Salt To Taste. Hey
Are Rich In Vitamin C.
-Beetroot: Bake Thin Slices Of Beetroot And Add A Little Amount
Of Coconut Oil. Hey Are Rich In Vitamin B, Potassium And

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