Binishells On The Rise

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Binishells are a unique architectural concept gradually being used all over the world for a variety of purposes. Featured as one of the 31 “names you need to know in 2011″ by Forbes Magazine, the structures are made using a system created by Dante Bini. These concrete shell structures range in size from 12 to 40 meters in diameter, and can be erected in a matter of one to two hours. The product site explains:

Binishells may be the greenest way to build ever invented. Using low air pressure to lift and shape reinforced concrete thin shell structures, poured at ground level, Binishells essentially use air as their form work.

As well as being inherently green, Binishells are fast, strong and flexible and can be made in an infinite variety of shapes. They can be used for everything from high-end residential, to schools, to gymnasiums, commercial buildings, low cost housing, emergency shelters and an infinite variety of other typologies.

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