The Hempcrete House

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The Hempcrete HouseThe first U.S. house made mainly out of a remarkable hemp-based material (called Hempcrete) has recently been completed by Push Design in North Carolina. The concrete-like substance is a mix of industrial hemp, lime and water – all natural and  eco-friendly materials. Environmentally, the benefits are astounding. Gizmag reports:

We recognized almost immediately that hemp was, in every way but in cost, seemingly the most effective and sustainable material available worldwide. The qualities it offers are beyond anything we get from typical materials, combining energy efficiency found in mass-based construction with the carbon sequestration, rapid renewability, strength, several hundred year wall lifespan, and the breathability and indoor air quality that is unsurpassed. It is an incredible combination, and a list of positive attributes we have never seen in any other material.”

Hempcrete has some interesting qualities one of which is it’s ability to pull carbon from the atmosphere both while being grown and while in-situ producing a double edged sword for fighting climate change. Firstly at the cropping stage the hemp plants naturally use carbon dioxide for growth at about 22 tonnes per hectare, however the interesting factor is that the building itself continues to sequestrates carbon as lime in the hempcrete calcifies over time.


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