These seats are the best ones in coach

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Peter Greenberg tells how to know in advance which ones are most comfy; He gets specific on airlines and actual seat numbers!

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reveals the secrets to finding the perfect seat when you’re flying coach.

(CBS News)

Choosing the right seat when you’re flying coach can determine whether your flight leaves you cramped and cranky — or rested and relaxed.

Not all coach seats are created equal, points out CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg.

And on “The Early Show” Friday, he revealed the secrets to picking the most comfortable seats in coach – and not breaking the bank doing it.

The coach cabin has become a hodgepodge of different comfort levels and amenities. When legroom is so precious, which seats offer a few more inches? And which ones should you avoid?

According to Greenberg:

When you think about a coach seat, most people want an exit seat or a bulkhead seat (where you sit and there’s a wall in front of you.) They both sound like a good idea, but most exit seats don’t recline, and their armrests don’t move. With bulkhead seats, you have no place to put your stuff. The only reason you’d want a bulkhead seat is if you’re a family traveling with small kids.

But, the best seats vary when it comes to airlines and airplanes, depending on the type of plane you’re flying on. Whether it’s a Boeing 757, 767 or 747, they’re all built totally differently. So, when you’re making a reservation, find out what kind of plane you’re flying on and then check out a web site like, where you’ll find the configuration of any commercial flight that can help you pick the best seats.

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