Great Walls of Nation-States

Published on March 3, 2010   ·   No Comments

All this boils down to political ideologies.

In essence, when the Internet pipes are state owned such “great” (fire)walls of nation-states become state owned too. When ideologies crack the political systems and societies, state owned media becomes the means to “crack” down and suppress such cracks. In those old days, these things were similar to trade barriers, control of the shipping channels, pirates and whatnot.

If indeed information is money and wealth, such free flow of information enables free flow of money and wealth. Thus, the free flow of capital built amazing economies and a few world wars. Obviously, such flow of capital in an uncontrolled manner gave us our US economic meltdown that ripples thru the global economy.

Ultimately, economic realities will build or tear down these walls. In the short haul, all this will drive nation-states to build out such defenses that matching offenses will be created. Thus, the future of cyber defenses and offenses seems logical and then out of such darkness will emerge the light.

As technologists, we need to participate in all things socio-political-economic ideologies in each of our nation-states. Some of us may indeed be “political prisoners” for standing up to whatever ideology we believe. I already see many in the Internet pipes and media as already being suppressed and wacked, albeit in some geographies. All the same, I have also seen some unsuppressed crap being exported to the world. Obviously, my crap is defined differently than other’s crap. All the same, some of us technologists will work the cloud into such nation-states.

After all, anything is possible in the cloud, even securing and hacking it.

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